Divine Melancholy Super Sweet

Let love flow and let go

" I’m a physicist, cosmologist & something of a dreamer. Although I can not move & I have to speak through a computer, in my mind I’m free. " ~~ Stephen Hawking

—(via quantumstorm)

No pharm drugs

I woke up today….no meds….lets see what happens:/
  bout to burn one though

I only took it for 15 days so I might not get too many withdrawal symptoms…i hope:/

Done …where’s the fucking fork?

I can’t do this anymore!
These pills …yeah.. I fucking can adapt well in society..i can do my schoolwork…but i miss me!   …i feel emotion ..but i can’t let it out…it’s so weird..  Can’t meditate,  i don’t see the universe as something amazing..well, i see it but i don’t feel it anymore…. And that scares me so much…i hardly remember what it felt like to be me…wow..

I read that it blocks dopamine!

Like WTFF!

I kinda knew it would do this…and i thought i could deal with it for a little while…while i got through this time in my life…but idk… i expressed how i felt to someone.. and they said yeah.. because now you are under control…what!  CONTROL!?! Oh hell nah!! FUCK that! 

Found on my sister’s pinterest.

Found on my sister’s pinterest.